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Comments by mnajur

very nice

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Comments by Adam Lorenc

Dear Mr. Hassan,

thank you again for the very refreshing and inspiring meeting at Landmark today. Our conversation cetrainly will help me better understand Qatar – this exotic country I happen to have resided in for the past three years thinking I know it all.

I think you are a great and rare example of a citizen truly concerned with his nation’s future, and whose voice should be heard.

Adam, Poland

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Comments by an Indian

Dear Sir,

I always read comments from People on you website.all of them are supporting you and we also support you .why dont u write about the people who are struggling here in private companies with low wages. As per the contract no one is following the rules written in it. companies are increasing there m.d’s pockets are becoming big and bank balances are growing but the employee stands at the same why the employees are not getting the benifits for the job done .
Please do something for the low wages taking peoples need.working hard for this country’s development. but people are not happy becasue they are not getting good salary. some people are getting salary increased and some are not in same departments.
Sir , you are the real person who is fighting for the right things .
If you go to hospitals you can find there how they are working there are two groups one is Arabs ( Egyptians,Iraqis,Jordanians ) and 2nd group is asians like indians,philpnos and srilankans. if arabs do any mistakes no one will take action against them but if any other nationalities do then suspensions and dismissal. with immediate effects they will cancel there job and visa.
In that case Qataris are good. good behaviour and very kind to everone ,but there are few do not know how to mingle with people. in many govt. sectors qataris are behave very politely and give informations correctly.
if you go in Madinat Khalifa immigration you will get headache but if u go to other immigrations its better there
Sir , we all are with you . y ou are doing right things. you speaks for truth,justice and for humanity.
I have so many things to say…………..
With Best Regards,

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Qatar Youth Hostels Association

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Comments by Marianne Narcisio

Dear Hassan,

We met a while ago in the Food court of the City Center. I am happy to discover in your website the extent of your actions for changes.  I am  interested in the issues you raised and would like to attend one of your conference.

Best regards,
Marianne Narcisio

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Comments by Usman

Great work and appreciate your cause and work.


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Comments by Bill Keir

Dear Hassan,

It was my pleasure to meet you this morning and I thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
I find you a straight talking, interesting man and I hope we meet again.

Kind regards,

Bill Keir

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Comments by Anton

Dear Hassan

Really it’s great idea, I wish all the best and support, may the god bless you and guide always.


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